plus one.

what did we do before evites?

i think we actually gave a personalized invitation to a gathering, birthday party, celebration, bbq, baby shower. we stamped & mailed them or even hand delivered them. on top of that, we had control over who attended. none of this, ‘invite more people’ option…

on my 25th birthday i told everyone i was having a quarter-life crisis.

they laughed.

i was actually in crisis. or so i thought. here i was, 25, a college graduate and i still felt lost as to what i was supposed to be doing. fast forward three years and i think that quarter-life crisis continues.

but true crisis occurred on an evite. not just any evite. an evite where i was, well just me, and not a “+1” like everyone else.

one number threw off everything. one number separated me from the others. in reality it always had. i knew how to cope as just a one. i wasn’t concerned with adding anyone. right up until that evite moment i had been okay.

a month of dark emptiness ensued. which is rare for the girl who, since third grade, was all but given extra credit just for being happy.

it’s intersting what demons present themselves once we’ve named our weaknesses.


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