i’ve been dreaming and re-dreaming the same scenario for the past few days.

in it i am extremely thirsty. the only beverage that appears to satiate the thirst is orange gatorade… the kind made with gatorade powder… i can’t seem to mix the gatorade fast enough and as soon as i have made one glass and gulped it down, it’s all i can do to make another, and another…. but the thirst is unquenchable. i wake up with a dry throat. i can hear the tinkling of a metal spoon against the glass… and i realize i am still longing for that orange gatorade.

after consulting several dream guides… i’ve come up with… nothing. setting aside the possibility that i am in need of physical/ emotional/intellectual nourishment [drinking], more specifically i need nurturing from others [water] or possibly some form of adventure or big change awaits [orange]. maybe i’m just dehydrated since i work crazy hours and hate water… now there’s a thought!

i have to admit the orange gatorade is a much better dream then the one where all my teeth fall out, my mouth swells shut and i start choking on blood… [teeth falling out suddenly or all at once may symbolize fear of things that are beyond your control. may fear or be facing a major loss or victimization.]


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