american history 101.

i really shouldn’t even be putting this in written format. i should just forget this happened, and move on, saying, “now i know. and knowing’s half the battle.”

i’m not much for science or math. but i do like long algebra problems. mostly because i like writing really neatly and matching up all my numbers so the finished product fills a whole page of lined paper without looking cluttered… i also really like stars so naturally i signed up for astronomy in college – little did i know that it was physics 114 or something. after sitting through one lecture, thoroughly confused, going home and reading the text three times and still not being able to finish my homework, i promptly dropped the course.

i am just more of a reading and writing girl. one would think history would fall into that category. today i found my knowledge of american history greatly lacking.

at first i was turned off by the “new world” movie coming out. (mostly because the actress playing pocahontas was born in 1990 and the thought of her having steamy scenes with colin farrell/john smith wigged me out). but today i was looking through the trailers and other clips we have. when, who should walk on screen but christain bale/john rolfe (my imaginary boyfriend circ. 1992). not to mention the fact that the movie is directed by terrence malick who also wrote and directed one of my favorite movies “the thin red line.”

so here i was intrigued with the movie that once slightly creeped me out. then i started googling the whole love triangle because i realized my memory of it is strangely similar to the disney version… and i found myself wanting to paint with the colors of the wind… i realized pocahontas actually married john rolfe (shock!) and that the john smith love line was mostly fabricated (shock shock). the climax was actually when i realized jamestown was in, none other than the commonwealth of virginia! (yes i know plymouth rock is in MA. i had an ancestor on the mayflower).

now here’s where i am going to play the arizona card, “i’m from the west, land of navajo and hopi indians. when i was in school jamestown wasn’t ever a very tangible thing, it was just somewhere else by an ocean very far away.” embarrassing as that is, i have seen the error of my ways. i’ll need to head down to jamestown soon. there is something powerful and exciting about living on such historical and at times holy ground.

i also need to chart a course for a visit further south… to investigate the whereabouts of the lost colony of roanoke island. i need to see the carved tree for myself with the letters C-R-O-A-T-O-A-N. maybe there is something all the others have missed.

i probably just need to go to the library. or possibly re-enroll in school.


One thought on “american history 101.

  1. >I went to vist the lost colony, don’t ask them where it is, they look at you like you’re dumb as rock and say – it’s lost, we don’t know!But not to worry about the lack of historical knowledge I thought all indians lived in az and other pretty much anything on the west side, until a visit to NC where they mentioned reservations and I was like hmm, indians here. Once again a dumb as rocks look.Luckily I got used to it by then

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