my snow globe world.

funny how things get twisted inside out.

kind of like when you throw everything in the washing machine and the frayed fabrics intertwine creating a massive blob of material. the mis-matched pieces coming together but out of order. a chaotic masterpiece that must be pulled apart, little by little… leaving the pieces, in the end, separate, just like how they entered the machine, but somehow different. their physical attributes exuding cleanliness and releasing detergenty smells. each article neatly pressed and folded and put away. but they meet again. dirtied and forlorn, waiting… until they are tossed about and drenched for the cleansing.

things, routines, life… can be jumbled in an instant. my whole life can change in a matter of days. on one hand it’s what i’ve been working towards and desperately desired. on the other it feels like i am one step closer to suffocation… social suicide.


or maybe life at times is much like the washing machine… or maybe just a giant snow globe. things get shaken up a bit to create a new picture.


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