falling objects may be heavier than they appear.

quarter-life crisis, mid-life crisis… i think the emotions and feelings are all pretty much the same. certain circumstances propel you into a black hole of crushing feeling. in our “religious and social” culture they can come to the young mom of four just as easily as they can to the young single adult.

with a big move comes decisions and plans and countless errands. when the move is to be accomplished in under 3 weeks, additional feelings such has panic, hysteria, nausea and second-guessing mount. ironically during the whirlwind of change and decisions came a sense of freedom and empowerment. almost like i could start over. not that what i have now or who i am is so bad… but four years make you comfortable.

among the necessary renovations… furniture. for the past 10 years i still don’t have much to my name, unless two overflowing bookcases of reading material count. i also have enough artwork to decorate a small house. so i researched and studied what i’d want my “one day house” to look like… i keep putting it off, but at this point, how much longer do i wait? another year? two? five? i’d rather just get started.

my “one day house” will be a spin off of a mexican hacienda/mission style with wood, rod iron, reds, oranges, turquoises and greens… and hopefully my african art etc will fit in! it will basically be the meeting of the two southern hemispheres.

so where do you go to get cheap furniture that still can look nicer than target? … you go to ikea (pronounced ICK-ia). i picked out my spanish mission-ish bookcases and a few other items. suddenly my unwieldy cart hit a display that had a very large, very unstable bookcase atop it. in slow motion it began rocking… after i let out an expletive, i instinctively ran to catch the falling mass of nailed together wood… liz was with me and said, “grab it! grab it!”

there is no other way to explain it, then for whatever reason both liz and i thought i was super girl, which i quickly remembered i was not. i am a pansy chicken. but my body froze with my arms lifted up… i envisioned the cartoons where the anvil splats on top of the character, and all that is left are wriggling arms and legs.

my arms took much of the force, but they quickly gave way under the weight. the edge of the bookcase knocked the side of my face. luckily the monstrosity was caught by the display directly behind it… so it did not come crashing to the ground.

i staggered away, mostly dazed and in shock. my face was numb and throbbing. luckily it felt worse then it was… i checked out with my ever increasing fat and bloody lip while the ICK-ia workers gave us dirty looks and began mending the broken display.

liz said i should have laid on the ground anyway claiming worse injuries. i say i just shouldn’t have tried to catch a falling bookcase.


2 thoughts on “falling objects may be heavier than they appear.

  1. >paul says “ikea furniture is VERY heavy.” we should know since we bought some for JT and had to carry it to his room. In a fight ikea furniture always wins. good luck with the move. we love youbecky and paul

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