maybe i should be flattered…

there is something flattering about hearing that you are the sole desire of another human being. that divulgence loses some of it’s appeal when the pursuer lends himself to stalker tendencies, calling two, three, four times a day. often the calls are no more than two minutes apart. never does he leave a message he just calls. he’ll take a break on a weekend, but monday brings six more calls. at all times of the day. never do i answer. i fear the language barrier becomes complicated over the phone… and i really only have words of heartbreak for him, so why answer?

but the calls persist. the record was 16 in one day. if no one else is calling me or showing the least bit of interest… maybe i should be flattered.

drastic measures are taken. over new year’s my voice mail message changes. a male voice (my father’s) saying just my generic cell number and asking for the caller to leave a message after the beep.

i don’t think it will work. he still calls. but the calls become less frequent. three weeks lapse. my phone does not ring. i think i’ve rid myself of the unfortunate star-crossed lover. but today, as i drove through a stretch of virginia mountains, my phone rang, and it was him.


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