cheating on small town america.

i tried, i really did. my first week in town i ran early one morning through the hilly neighborhood behind my house. i passed lee avenue and thought of my brother. then i stopped in front of several homes all in a row with signs hanging from their mailboxes. you know the kind… the old school individual mail boxes on the street. the signs resembled those of realtors or politicians.

when i got closer and actually read the signs they said things like, “good overcometh evil” and “hatred destroys.” some even had scriptural references attached. they seemed to really like 2 corinthians. i also came across a cute little supermarket. the red front. i decided that would be my grocery store…. everyone was older and smiling… it had everything from cilantro to my favorite cheese. and when i checked out the woman said, “it’s double points tuesday! you’ve just earned 7,253 points!” i’m not sure what the points get me but i did leave happy.

then yesterday i ruined everything.

the largest wal-mart this side of the mississippi is apparently just up the road… it has a gas station and a grocery store even. i needed milk, so i quickly entered.

i took longer than necessary. i got my milk, but i also got enough other things to negate my usage of the express lane. i was shocked by the cheap prices… (cereal for $2.70 – boxes not bags!) and although i left happy with my purchases… the drive home was laden with guilt.

i had abandoned my little red front for the much more economic monster that is wal-mart… but judging by the parking lot capacity… many others have made the same indiscretion.


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