i answered.

it’s kind of hard not to when the knock is so powerful it jolts you from your bed. yes it was 10:30 am, but that is very early when you went to bed four hours earlier. i tried to ignore it. i sat very still. pretending it wasn’t my door getting pounded down. but my living room is my bedroom is the front door room and there was no avoiding it.

i answered.

i think i even had lines from my pillow on my face and my hair must have looked fantastic. standing there… a smiling man and a woman. nicely dressed. with bibles in hand. i instantly realized the error of having even gotten out of bed. but here we were.

“we’ve come to share a message of jesus with you.”

how do you say no to jesus?

“there is so much of sadness in the world. you see it when you turn on the news.”

i smile. possibly inappropriate smiling. i actually work at the tv station.

“oh, well, do you think god is happy with the way things are going in the world?”

no, he definitely isn’t.

“that’s right. well we’d like to share a scripture with you. it’s in psalms 72.”

they read something about god delivering the needy and the poor. i say thank you and they hand me an awakening pamphlet. if i were my mom i would have handed them a book of mormon… but i am still dazed, holding the door open in my pajamas.

they smile and walk up the stairs, ready to pound on #1. i crawl into bed but i am unfortunately wide awake.

if they come to my door again, i have a question for them.

i will tell them i think they are very nice people and i understand the work they do. i know that feeling somewhere in between butterflies and nausea when you knock on an unknown door to talk about jesus. i will tell them as a missionary in south america i repeatedly ran into others of their faith. those runins were not so pleasant. i will ask them why they would have gone out of their way to ignore us, cross the street when they saw us coming to avoid passing us and why they would find those who would listen to us and tell them how we were evil liers and why when i said “bom dia” every time i saw them they would look to the ground and walk a little bit faster without a response.

i don’t know how christian it would be to ask that… but i am curious.


2 thoughts on “i answered.

  1. >Holy Cow–Laura Moodey! Back to your blog.I think it would be very Christian of you. Jesus was plenty confrontational—something about money and the temple.Matt Grace

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