i wasn’t trying to be sneaky.

i just really had to use the bathroom after an hour drive on two different interstates. i also badly needed gas so i walked as quickly as i could into the ‘quick mart’ or whatever it really was. as i pushed through the women’s restroom door two girls were standing by the sink.

they were tall and slender with long, sleek dark hair. they talked more with their hands than anything. they ceased their animated communication. they made eye contact with me. i smiled, and instantly thought they were brazilian but brushed that aside.

once my stall door was shut the brief moment of silence was broken. they began chattering, even more loudly than before in a different language… thinking that now their conversation really was safe, protected. i smiled as they discussed in detail the boys they had been talking about earlier. i took my time, taking in all the exclamations of their chatter without them even knowing they were under surveillance.

i heard a little brother and mother enter the talks. when i slipped out i looked down at the three year old boy and said, “tudo bem bonitinho?” he nodded and smiled.

and i went back out to my car, with only him knowing i had been undercover.


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