it is march 23rd. only 82 days of 2006 have passed. if my calculations are correct, already this year i have bought:

  • 5 birthday presents
  • coordinated a surprise birthday party
  • sent several “happy birthday!” emails and text messages
  • made some birthday phone calls
  • and definitely overlooked a few birthdays
  • i also bought 4 baby shower gifts
  • threw a baby shower
  • made a baby quilt for said shower
  • and i’m currently working on another quilt

surprisingly i’ve only bought 1 bridal shower gift. but with two weddings coming up in may, and others in june and september the presents have just begun.

since most of these events are taking place in california, arizona, utah, missouri… basically not here… i am also buying everyone shipping and handling for those celebrations.

it all just got me thinking… i had no clue there were baby registries. how can there be baby registries if i don’t have a registry! i’ve never even been registered… exept to vote and i don’t think that counts. maybe i should have a registry. if i did, i would register at bookstores, target, cost plus, paper stores, kinkos, bed bath & beyond and williams & sonoma. i would probably register at filibertos, cafe rio, jack in the box and popeye’s. i would even register at fancier schmancier places like good sushi, thai, mexican and indian joints. i would register at the lisner, dancer’s place, the kennedy center and warner and folger theaters…. the possibilities really are endless. good thing i have just over 10 months to figure this out and let you all know what i decide.


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