it smells like dog food.

i’m not what you would call an animal person.

i have enjoyed pouring salt on slugs and i took every opportunity to spray water at cats. but i don’t maliciously try to harm animals… i just choose not to own anything that needs to be taken for a walk. so i surprised myself when i recognized what i thought to be the smell of dog food.

i smell it every morning as i get out of my car at 2:30am. there is no pet store nearby. i haven’t seen any dogs. immediately behind the station is a bank. and there are just a bunch of businesses… i mean this is the booming downtown section of harrisonburg.

so today i asked why it smells like dog food outside.

the answer was hard to stomach for this lover of chicken nuggets… apparently the overpowering dog food-like smell comes from the poultry factories. that’s what you get for living in the poultry capital.


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