i [heart] netflix.

a week ago i was suffering from a really bad flu cold sick. this morning the remnants of my uber flu are a hacking, very attractive, cough. but last week my throat was scratchy. i couldn’t breathe or sleep. i had aches and pains up and down my neck. i was exhausted and dizzy and i felt like i was underwater. it was the “crawl into my bed and never crawl out kind of sick.” it was also the “more than anything i want my mom kind of sick.” it didn’t help that after work i found some nyquil at the store and stumbled home to an empty house. once there i realized if i wanted food i needed to make it. if i wanted anything i needed to make it. or get it. or do it.

it’s not like that was a new realization. i haven’t had a mom nearby for 10 years… but somehow… when you are overcome with that kind of sick, you hope beyond hope that there will be someone, anyone there with a bowl of soup and comforting words.

there wasn’t. but there was a nice red envelope in my mail box. and inside the bright red envelope… pride and prejudice. it was almost as good as what a doctor would have ordered. beautiful dresses. awkward social interaction. dancing. crushes. love interests. complications. great dialogue. a dad that tells his daughter he’ll never speak to her again if she marries the twirp. running in the rain. a kiss… yes, i heart netflix.


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