something’s rotten in denmark…

ur, or in tv land. not my tv land. that other one that makes you pay for things that you got for free when you were little… remember? well i’ve crawled out of my dark backwards shell and joined the rest of modern civilization. yes, i finally have been “hooked up.” the adelphia man just left and i have every possible crazy channel.

but adding to the excitement… i am now the proud owner of a dvr. i know, i know. i’m woefully behind the times. back in february of 2002 when i went to visit margaret during our “olympic break” from byu… i was introduced to the wide world of Tivo. she had every trading spaces and wb show at her finger tips. i was awed… but i was a college student with no television. i then became an intern with no television. then i was a desperately poor worker, with no television… i’m sure you’re following the trend.

when i finally had a television, i couldn’t stomach forking out the dinero for “real” cable. i paid my half of $14 for basic basic cable. it was quite a deal… we had three different spanish stations, the wb, upn, three pbs stations, several public access stations, qvc, the home shopping network AND fuzzy tbs. it kind of gave you a headache but if you really wanted to watch dawson’s creek reruns you could.

then i went through a month of media darkness. this time i was just lazy. i satiated my desire for tv watching with the much welcome care packages filled with hours of video recorded by jenn. but, it was time to be a big kid. it was time to bite the bullet and sell my soul to the cable god. i admit it feels pretty good.


4 thoughts on “something’s rotten in denmark…

  1. >hey hey! watch where you throw that GAC around! so today i double checked. i was mistaken… i do have normal MTV, CMT and VH1. whew. just not the crazy MTV2.5 and VH1/2 or whatever those ones are. my bad.

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