so i record the lizzie mcguire show.

and i even saw the movie in the theater (with five other friends). is that really so shocking? what teenie bopper/chick flick haven’t i watched? it all started when i’d go home and i’d take my little sisters to see whatever movie their little hearts desired… there was lion king, prince of egypt, the princess diaries…

then there was a stint during 1999 when i was forced to go to every possible teenie bopper movie with my friend randee… i was about to leave on a mission and she was depressed that there wasn’t a special someone in her life. so to cope, we watched 10 things i hate about you, never been kissed and she’s all that. it wasn’t much of a remedy. instead we fell hopelessly in like with poetry slammers that could hacky sack and heath ledger and michael vartan.

things only escalated in 2003ish with my dc girls… a cinderella story, 13 going on 30, maid in manhattan, the wedding planner, dirty dancing havana nights, bend it like beckham, the prince and me, chasing liberty, the first daughter… and the lizzie mcguire movie.

back to the show. yes maybe i’m obsessed with hilary duff… my little sister once demanded i tell her some hilary duff song titles so she could call into radio disney and win something exciting… i love the crazy little brother that messes up her life and i love her revenge of the nerds dad and her friends and the little cartoon lizzie that pops up when things go wrong. it’s just all around fantastic television. luckily i draw the line at mary-kate and ashley.



6 thoughts on “so i record the lizzie mcguire show.

  1. >i like teen chick flicks also but Hilary Duffs’ are my definite favorites. I would record Lizzie McGuire if I could but I cannot. I have seen a lot of movies that you mentioned and am a huge fan of Hil and Haylie.

  2. >I’m not going to lie. I used to watch Clueless once a week my freshman year of college. I have seen all sorts of teenie bopper movies including many of the ones you listed in this posting. I can handle it. Plus, Disney television is all sorts of silly and fun. Go on with your inner-teen self.

  3. >sadly I’ve seen almost every movie mentioned, I’m still slightly obsessed with A and MK, Brit, and yes HD, (I tivoed the Heather Locklear movie — good stuff) but I can’t deal with Hailey. I really can’t deal with their commercials. Besides HD, doesn’t really count as teenbopper anymore because her BF is so old and she totally lost all her baby fat, and I think she did it without crack.

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