gay stuff.

me: tv 3.

caller: whom am i speaking with?

me: robin.

caller: oh, can you tell me what is going on with our news this morning?!

me: can you be more specific?

caller: well i’ve been up since 5am waiting for the news. i always get my news from tv 3 and all that’s on is this gay stuff.

me: we’re not airing… any… um… gay stuff. [pause for a minute… now i don’t know if she’s referring to programming which she deems as “gay” or if it is actually homosexual programming. all the while i’m trying not to laugh out loud and john is just staring at me, confused, since he’s only hearing my end of the conversation.]

caller: well that’s all i’m getting, gay stuff.

me: i’m sorry ma’am. we’ve been on air since 5 this morning. i would suggest calling your cable provider.

caller: well i just don’t know why i’m not getting the news instead of all this gay stuff.

me: i really am sorry about that, why don’t you go ahead and call adelphia.

i was barely able to hang up before i laughed, and laughed and laughed. i’m actually still laughing.

if everyone’s a little queer can’t she be a little straight. i’m dumb she’s a lesbian i thought i had found the one. we were good as married in my mind but married in my mind’s no good. a pink triangle on her sleeve, let me know the truth let me know the truth…. weezer



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