is that really necessary?

one good thing about working “late hours” is that even if i sleep all day (which i do more often than not lately) and wake up at, oh say, 10pm, i can still go to my super cool gym (i still haven’t met macho man from the website) because it stays open until 2am. how convenient. so i can go and it’s not crowded at all and i can run and run and run and not fear the darkness or whatever lurks in the darkness…

but i may actually fear the front desk woman… we’ll call her “pat” if you know what i mean. and when i left mega monster truck was parked right next to me. the side view mirror barley touched the top of my head… and his rims (if i’m calling them the right thing) were to my shoulder. honestly, is jacking his ride that far up really that necessary?


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