basically i’m famous.

people know me. well not really, but i like to think so.

this weekend i got to be one of the emcees for WVPT’s fine art and fine craft auction. it was a fun little let’s help the pbs station kind of thing. i mean i heart pbs. i grew up on 3-2-1 contact, reading rainbow, sesame street and mr. roger’s neighborhood (the coolest episode of that by far, was when he went to the crayon factory and saw all the different colors be made!!)

i showed up not really knowing what i was supposed to do… and apparently no one else knew either. we just kind of jumped right in and talked about artists and pieces and prices. in all the excitement i fear i may have slipped into my “relief society” voice once or twice. all the while the people from eastern mennonite university answering the phones kept shouting out bids that callers were making.

as i was leaving the front desk woman asked when i had started at tv3. when i told her i’d just moved here a month and a half ago, she LEPT across the counter, embraced me in a bossomy bear hug and said, “oh let me just welcome you to the valley!!!”

and that, is why this is “the friendly city.”


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