something familiar.

while at byu i took a course called “teaching of the living prophets.” it was one of my favorites. it focused on the life, family, schooling, careers and accomplishments of the current prophet and 12 apostles. it was taught by lloyd newell… who also happens to have a pretty famous voice. he worked as a news broadcaster for several years and while he was anchoring cnn headline news the church approached him to take over “music and the spoken word.” he would be “the spoken word” while the mormon tabernacle choir served as the music. it has been broadcasting weekly since 1929. newell also happens to be “the voice” of general conference starting things off by saying, “this is the 175th semi-annual general conference of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.”

this morning i woke up early to finish my sunday school lesson. i turned on the public radio station that normally plays mennonite music and discussions… a choir was singing and it was definitely easter music so i stopped moving the dial. as soon as the choir stopped and the narrator began to speak, i knew the voice. it was something familiar. it felt like home. funny to feel such a connection through radio waves that cross miles and miles and reach me, alone in my kitchen.

he told a story of a little girl taking a lamb to be auctioned off at the county fair and how bid after bid came in and the lamb and money were returned to the girl. the girl’s father was in the hospital with cancer and her mother was by his side. the lamb was auctioned off again and again… he transitioned into the symbolism of the lamb of god. how he was sacrificed for us and how his mercy intercedes again and again for us.

the program ended sooner than i would have liked with the choir singing their traditional farewell of god be with you till we meet again.


3 thoughts on “something familiar.

  1. >From the Crossroads of the West…I love that man, Lloyd Newell. I was in a few of his classes, too. He was so gracious and funny. He would always give me a pat on the back as I would walk into class and say in his oh-so familiar voice, “Michael. How are you good brother?”Loved it. That reminds me that hardly anyone in my class knew that he did the spoken word OR was the voice of General Conference. I asked him to say it to the class one day. It was as if the veil parted for them. They finally figured it out. They were excited. I laughed.

  2. >we had to beg and beg him to do the general conference intro… it was great. he even invited us all up to see the music & spoken word in person. i love that man.g-nat the cookies were great… i’m baking my way to the top at work!

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