heavy fog.

driving in the late, darkness i fought the urge to speed more than necessary. for stretches of time i was all alone on the highway, blanketed in blackness. as i approached afton mountain flashing yellow lights welcomed me… thick fog conditons. the strobing sensation tricked my eyes. i clutched the steering wheel more firmly and resorted to using my brights. the fog was more patchy than thick but it pressed on me as my eye lids felt weighed down. i focused on my headlights cutting through the eerie white clouds, that immersed me, then whipped passed, then disappeared.

my lonely sojourn soon accumulated several giants. i saw them approaching in my rear view mirror, they seemed to appear out of no where. the hoisted up cab of their semi-truck bodies breathed down my neck, coaxing me to pull aside and let them pass. i deferred to their light to pierce the path ahead.

focusing on their tail-lights i occasionally looked to the secret hiding spots of the highway patrol… i didn’t spy one until the very end…. he was sleepily waiting in the middle of the interstate… not for me, but for someone. i rolled through vacant city streets, making my way home.

although i left the fog advisory with its flashing lights miles behind me, heavy fog still clouded my thoughts – a fog that will not be distilled for sometime… at least until i get some sleep.


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