love affair.

i am a little embarrassed to admit that i have now lived here for three months and i have not spent a single weekend in town. i came very close one weekend… but by two o’clock saturday afternoon i was already heading north on I-81 to watch an awesome movie with nanc and eat great food with jenny. each weekend i stretched myself between dc or charlottesville… some weekends driving a total of six hours. my h-burg people couldn’t understand my desire to flee. well they could, it’s not like the night life here is all that exciting… but when i did things like drive to dc and back in one day just to eat lunch with friends and get my hair cut… they began to worry.

i guess deep down the thought of staying here an entire weekend did scare me. i worried my phone wouldn’t ring at all. i feared not having anyone to hang out with. but earlier this week i realized how staying home isn’t all that bad. i had just returned from a crazy weekend of wedding madness in california. i was in the golden state for almost 40 hours… i stuffed myself on sushi with fantastic friends, attended a wedding at an amazing temple, ate some more, decorated a banister, ate cheesecake, danced, saw old friends, had a slumber party, de-boned chicken, lounged in one airport and then another before landing at dulles at midnight and then driving through pouring rain for 2 hours just to go straight to work…

after work that day i watched my sunday shows that recorded… then i just kept watching tv. you would have thought i would have gone straight to bed but then i landed on a channel with a familiar theme song… the opening credits showed bill bixby & lou ferrigno. i was glued to the tv screen for the next hour. it was just like when i was little, watching it before the wallace & ladmo show every day. no matter how scary or mean or bad everyone thought the green hulk was, i still worried about him. my parents say i would mention him in my prayers. i would bless him to be able to help the ladies… because usually he had to carry some young woman out of a problematic situation. he was really just a big green misunderstood guy. but i understood him. i think i may have even loved him.

despite many reasons to be in dc this weekend… i decided that i’m going to stay right here. i may actually wash the dishes in the sink. do my laundry. make my bed for the first time in a long while. unpack my suitcases. sleep in and maybe even watch the green hulk.


4 thoughts on “love affair.

  1. >thanks for saving my life last weekend; for eating in ‘n out, decorating the bannister, de-boning chicken, and dancing with me. that’s true friendship amiga.

  2. >I’m sooooo jealous you got to go to Shaughnie’s wedding!! Was it wonderful or what? Do you have an pics? I’d LOVE to see the beautiful bride and handsome groom. And good luck with the plans to stay put this weekend. I’ll bet it turns out better than expected!!

  3. >Do you remember when I took you to meet Lou Ferrigno at a car show in Phoenix? You were disappointed because he wasn’t green. But, he was BIG.

  4. >DO I REMEMBER?!?!?!?! are you kidding me?? i was also disappointed because he didn’t talk to me and you had to tell me on the way home that he has hearing loss and probably couldn’t hear me. but yes, he was BIG.

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