we didn’t start the fire.

fiery ash rained down on me from the nighttime sky.

mists of water from the fire hoses also sprayed myself and the camera. i was able to get pretty close to the fire… the flames were eating through walls and roofs and cars… all belonging to businesses and homes. oddly enough while i stood watching the firefighting… several of the paramedics and residents who had gathered around me lit up and began to smoke themselves. maybe i should have video taped that.

p.s. my video made abc’s greatest video list yesterday.
p.p.s. my first concert ever was actually a billy joel concert.


2 thoughts on “we didn’t start the fire.

  1. >Holy inferno, Robin! Will you be telling us details soon? I am going to try and find the video…what was so distinguishing about it, besides the scope of the on-going disaster – was it your camera angle or how close you were to the action or what? I don’t know what the critera is except I think it’s more points for any human flesh involved.

  2. >i mean any fire video usually makes a “great video” list because if something’s burning than everyone thinks that is very cool… and night fires are exceptionally neat. it was mostly just your ordinary big orange flames getting sprayed by lots of firefighters… everyone here oohed and awhed… i didn’t realize i had done something extraodrinary… i guess i actually learned something after reporting on dc’s serial arsonist for a year and a half.as for the video… unless your news shows it, which they won’t, you can’t find it because it is on our abc feeds.

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