i succumbed to pressure from work people to actually hang out with them last weekend. it all stemmed from a game where i get mad at them for not inviting me to do things and they tell me it’s my fault because i never call them… well the offer came and i agreed to go with them to valley fest 2006 (aka the beer & wine festival at massanutten resort). i found the whole arrangement incredibly hilarious. they, finding no humor, reassured me it would be a lot of fun. me, knowing better, already knew what to expect. but for their benefit, let’s just see how much fun i had:

as a designated driver i only had to pay $5. fun compared to the $17 they paid to get in and then they had to buy beer tickets for $3 each. the wine tasting was free of charge. i figured i’d get free pop or water at least… nope. i bought a coke for $1.50 and then a water for a buck and later a lemondade for $2 (i thought i’d mix it up a bit).

upon entering the festival everyone received their free mug or wine glass. the abc regulations in virginia are such that upon redeeming your beer ticket, beer providers must pour the beer into a paper cup and hand you that. the patron then is responsible for pouring their own beer in their mug. it’s really just a lot of red tape to go through to avoid a glass dropping and the beer providers getting sued. some beer tents were more compliant than others. i had fun helping one of the girls out by pouring the beer from the paper cup to her mug. apparently i’m really bad at it.

a really good band was on stage and that was fun. later another band took over and they were good… but all the members were wearing sleeveless shirts (okay kenney chesney…) and while they looked like they should play country music they busted out some usher and kanye west… i spotted a crazy drunk woman who had no rhythym but some fantastic dance moves. i had fun practicing those. so i danced around for a while, which is always fun, and afterwards a black kid and his girlfriend gave me dance props. that was even funner.

it was a carnival atmosphere which means lots of different random kinds of food that you can realistically eat all at once, like funnel cakes and cheesesteaks and hot dogs… i ate some really hot indian food and an egg roll…. it’s fun to eat interculturally.

as i was dance-walking i heard someone shout out my full name… i turned to find two men. one was in his late 50s, the other in his early 30s i’d say. i had no clue who either one was. turns out they really didn’t know me either. they work at the sherrif’s office. they were both sloshed and told me all about how i’m on the morning show. it’s pretty fun to have drunk sherrif’s office guys recognize you from the tv…

then some more work people found us. so that was fun. but not as fun as when one of them spilled half their beer on me. sticky beer arms and jeans are the funnest.

as we headed out i appreciated how fun it was to be sober.


5 thoughts on “fun.

  1. >FUN must be a family tradition: I had whiskey spilled on me at a Charlie Daniels concert at the old Collesium. Drinkers are not that ‘specific’ when it comes to where the fire water is, as long as some of it goes down the hatch. Daddy had a guy who was “having fun” try to read his palm & in a fit of psychic generosity attempt to scrawl the name of a Beverly Hills psychic on his napkin. The really UN-fun part was that this cartoon of a man did NOT have a designated driver . . .

  2. >Anytime you get to show your moves on the dance floor I know you’re having fun! I’m not falling for its not that much fun to have a little beer on the arm, on the jeans, you like to run around mexico and africa with small children, I’m sure they leave you in much sticker situations 🙂

  3. >Hey Robs! I saw that you visited my xanga site so I was able to reach your blog. So entertaining, I love hearing about your life. I hope we can meet up sometime now that I’m in your neck of the woods.

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