i’m kind of a big deal.

one of the downsides to being recognized is that you don’t have control over where you are at the time of the recognition… and an upside is that if you are on tv, you most likely have finally entered the land of grown-ups and have health insurance.

i was wearing capris, a brown t-shirt and flip flops… my hair was still wet from taking a shower and i was wearing minimal make up (as opposed to my ‘made for tv hooker make up’). i walked through the little door of the doctor’s office and the heat hit me as i walked in. it was much more humid inside. the receptionist quickly apologized about the air conditioning. she handed me paperwork to fill out on a clip board and i tried to pick the seat that would get optimal breeze from the rotating fan. i noticed the two women behind the desk kept looking at me, no, more peering. well at one point it was definitely staring. i tried to ignore them as i marked down what diseases run in my family and where i work and what i’m not allergic to… all the vitals.

the clipboard hadn’t been out of my hands two seconds before the receptionist squealed, “i knew i knew you!” while she was thrilled at her realization i was still waiting to be clued in. “you’re on the news!” the other woman chimed in at this point, “i just kept looking at you and wondering why i knew you!” i congratulated them on being two of our 10 viewers who actually wake up early. they relayed their morning routines and how tv3 is a part of it… they asked about chay and laura and other reporters who have already moved on. they told me how much their kids love the weather man jay…

i finally left the sticky waiting room to wait in a smaller room… a small vietnamese doctor entered looking at my chart. when we finally made eye contact, he said in a very thick accent, “why you so nervous? you more nervous now than when on the tv!”

yes, i am kind of a big deal.


2 thoughts on “i’m kind of a big deal.

  1. >even at the hardware store they had a news van there, in case you had any last mintue reporting to do, you know on hints of had to deal with lighting fixtures.

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