girls camp aka drug rehab.

rachel is 16 years younger than me. she was born the summer before my junior year of high school and that really freaked out some of my high school friends. for the most part my friends had a younger brother or a sister. key word there would be a.

fast forward 12 years… the precocious tweener started google talking with me on monday:

rachel: what up?
me: hey how are you? did you have fun hanging out with all the cousins this weekend?
rachel: yes yes duh jackson was the cutest baby there!!!!!! yeah any ways im goin to camp on tues as in tomorrow morn. r u still there???????????????????
me: oh wow you go to camp this week!!! fun stuff. asia is going too right?
rachel: yeah she left this morning
me: are you all packed? are you excited?
rachel: almost everything’s laid out but i just need to pack it…. sure i guess im excited to wake up tomorrow morning at like 5:00
me: it will be fun.
rachel: yes i know but ya know i am NOT a morning person 🙂
me: oh i know! dontcha know-ah
rachel: oh dontcha know…. it’s hard because im gonna go cold turkey on dr. pepper
me: who are you!? cold turkey!? dr. pepper? what a weirdo!
rachel: yes i wont be able to drink it at camp..
me: you sound like a little crazy person.
rachel: ah man i wont be able to bring anything
me: i didn’t know you drank it that much to begin with. by the way it’s CAMP.
rachel: i know but i might bring extra food in my lunch and put in my fanny pack cause im gonna carry that around all day and will most likely get hungry
me: rachel… it’s not that bad.. i never took extra food. you’ll be fine. it’s camp… you’ll be camping and cooking out it’s fun
rachel: ill ttul cause ma said i need to finish packing everything. call us laters ok? lov you got to go 🙂 w/ a heart ok? bye
me: tchao

“Cold turkey” is a slang expression describing the actions of a person who gives up a habit or addiction all at once, rather than gradually. This is, of course, the cheapest method of quitting any habit, and its supposed advantage is that by not actively using supplemental methods, the person avoids thinking about the habit and therefore, the temptation. The term allegedly derives from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass and the state of a withdrawing addict — most notably, the cold sweats and goose bumps. It is often preceded by the verb “to go,” as in “going cold turkey.”


3 thoughts on “girls camp aka drug rehab.

  1. >wow how long is this camp? What kind of camp doesn’t let you bring your own soda. You know she could empty a shampoo bottle and smuggle it in. — tricks them everytime. She’s going to get there and everybody else will have soda and she won’t!! I can’t believe you led her astray.

  2. >how much do i love rachel? so much! who knew she was an addict? that makes me love her even more than those funny tapes she used to send us on the mission.

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