shades of red.

i received an email earlier this week from news boss man asking how my trip was as he tried to iron out my schedule since i am still filling in as the weekend anchor.

here is a portion of my email back to him:

“peru was fantastic (although i missed brazil, mozambique and mexico…) machu picchu was amazing! and unfortunately i am still recovering from my latin sickness…”

so today he comes up to me and says, “so how are we doing poopster?”

first of all, i absolutely hate that word and any derivative of it… and second of all he said it in front of the newsroom (which got EVERYONE’S attention) and thirdly, the only bait i gave him was “latin sickness” and he glossed over all the other possibilities…. like, altitude and altitude.

while i stare at him, mouth open, jaw hitting the floor all he says is, “that’s a lovely shade of red” and walks away.



4 thoughts on “shades of red.

  1. >you have to admit though, it is pretty funny that he would chose that time to say that exact phrase . . . don’t you love it . . .on another note – thanks for giving me entertainment as i sit in a hotel room for the 13th night in a row . . . i just got caught up on the last two months of your life – much better than staring at the tv.

  2. >at least i’m offering comic relief for my friends! maybe you should start writing a blog so i can catch up on your life anne.. i seem to be sleeping everytime it’s a good time to call!

  3. >hmm It sounds like something Joseph would joke about with his friends and laugh- but wait- Joseph is 7. I guess that shows the mental level. We are glad you are back safe!

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