tv3 girl.

i am probably what you’d call an excessive sweater – i like to say i just have extremely healthy sweat glands. but sometimes others don’t see it as a positive. take the sweating issue and add my crazy dance skills, you don’t need much of an imagination to see the outcome. i remember picking my outfits carefully for dances… grays, baby blues, even pinks were not options. i mostly wore black. after one middle school dance i was whining to my dad about sweating. he tried to console me by saying i just inherited it from him and he was a big sweater. i thought that was a very bad comparison since he was a guy. guys were allowed to be sweaty and gross.

i also turn bright red when i am exercising. it worried my jv basketball coach one season who pulled me out of the first quarter. after being benched for no reason i demanded to know what was going on. she told me to get a drink of water and rest for a minute. i assured her my beet-red demeanor was heredity and i was good to go. she put me back in the game.

the guys on my cross country team were not as tactful. some of the upper classmen took me aside after practice one day. they said, “you know there are some girls who are just really sexy when they work out… yeah, well, you’re not one of them.”

yesterday i was at the gym working with the best trainer ever and she immediately asks if i’m dating someone… she then begins to tell me about a gym guy she talked to while she was at a bar this weekend. he gave her very few clues to go by… he mentioned a girl he thought was cute, who trained with her, who had a pony tail and who was apparently a tv3 girl. lauren figured out it must be me and told him she’d be training me at 1pm monday so they could see if they were both thinking of the same person.

at one point as we were working out a meat-head boy and his friends next to us doing were some flys with gynormous dumbells. the dumbells suddenly dropped. they bounced on the ground and clanked against his bench. i kept doing my flys with my piddly dumbells. later lauren told me that the meat-head weight dropper was actually the interested party.

it was flattering – i mean he’s only seen me really sweaty and as already has been established in my very unsexy glory. where are those cross country boys now?


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