domesticity redefined.

people have this misconception that i am an amazing crafty, baker, seamstress whiz. when i do anything people laud me with praises as if i were betty crocker or pre-prison martha. well, maybe i should re-define who “people” are… mostly co-workers.

here’s why this praise, more often than not, is unnecessary: all i do is follow directions and make things out of boxes or packets! (ie. brownies, cupcakes, cakes etc.)

maybe i just set myself up for the fraudulent reputation because of some previous behavior…

  • example #1. once upon a time horace holmes, alison starling and brian van de graaff came over for breakfast. we had hashbrowns and eggs and pancakes… everything was almost ready when i realized i didn’t have any syrup. we were on a tight schedule so instead of running to the store i actually made syrup from scratch. (although making syrup is terribly easy, i can’t even take credit for that! my best cousin becky gave me the recipe). well news of me “just whipping up some syrup” spread like wildfire through the newsroom… they thought all mormons made syrup (and everything else) from scratch. to this day while at social gatherings it inevitably is brought up.
  • example #2. i like to make pies. my mom always made pies for thanksgiving and christmas and i remember helping cut all the apples. sometimes we’d sit with a cookie sheet on our laps in the living room and watch a movie while we did it. we make homemade crust from a special recipe and they always turn out great. while in mexico my sophomore year of college i made a pumpkin pie completely from scratch (as in, straight from a pumpkin). i think i was more excited then anyone else that all the spices my granny had emailed me actually ended up tasting like a real pumpkin pie. my first thanksgiving in dc i made 5 pies too many… cranberry apple, apple and pumpkin. i make the same crust my mom makes i just can’t make it look as pretty as she does… but everyone thinks homemade pies are impressive.
  • example #3. at a baby shower i recently co-hosted guests flipped out at the food i had brought for the shower… it was just pasta salad and a really good apple dip made from cream cheese and brown sugar (again, a recipe i stole from someone). things only got more embarrassing when sara opened her present. it was a baby quilt i had made… only the third one in my life. all the women stopped what they were doing and oooed and awed for entirely too long. and of course alison brought up once again the homemade syrup!
  • example #4. i run sugar cookie and enchilada sweat shops… and while both are really good and take a lot of time… it’s a little embarrassing that they are my only specialties.

items made from scratch are a big deal in our current world of instant everything… but i still don’t need to be praised for opening a box, adding oil and an egg, stirring and baking.


9 thoughts on “domesticity redefined.

  1. >The best meal I ever learned from you was microwaving a potatoe and dousing it with Season-All.Oh, and I’ll be expecting my baby quilt in the mail anyday. Or at least that apple dip recipe!

  2. >ha ha! nice nice… i still love me potatoes… but i now douse them with cheese and brocoli.i realized i’m not quite the quilt whiz and they take way too long… i made one for my nephew jackson and that may be end of my quilting stint… as for the apple dip:1 thing of cream cheeseand then i’m not positive but i think 1/2 C brown sugar… i may have to investigate further.

  3. >the apple dip is 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar with some chopped up heath bar and a splash of nuts. i made it last week and it is incredible. I would like your other recipes as well. i love it when people love the easiest recipes. such an ego boost.

  4. >I too think you should just let people believe it… you are the only one that can make the only salsa that I’ll eat – and boy do I love that salsa!But, I do think people make a big deal about following directions – maybe that’s what we should say our talent is . . .

  5. >wow oh wow how did i forget about my salsa?!?!? i’ll definitely take credit for my salsa verde that i learned how to make in southern mexico… but anne, your favorite salsa is embarrassingly easy!! (you just open cans, dump, and squeeze in lime! but i’m glad you eat it.)steph – thanks for the recipe… i have never made it with heath bar and nuts. i’ll have to try that!

  6. >a recipe from the pro (please be advised my measurements are slightly willy nilly)Salsa Verdeingredients:tomatillos 1 red tomato1 white onioncilantro2-3 pieces garlic1 lime1 T sugarsalt to taste2-4 serrano chilesboil tomatillos, peel off skins.cut tomato & onion in fourths.throw in blender or food processor along with all other ingredients.squeeze in it’s not more hoighty toighty)Easy Salsa1 can black beans1 can corn1 can diced tomatoes (i like the delmonte flavored kind w/ garlic or peppers)cilantrolimedrain beans and corn.add tomatoes w/ juice.add chopped cilantro.squeeze in lime juice.wah-la.-if you like you can add diced onions, a teensy bit of sugar and salt and any other beans. i like to drain all canned goods BUT the tomatoes though.

  7. >the easy salsa is something i made all through college to impress my friends. I actually put vinegar and tabasco sauce and eat it with fritos. YUMMMM. Lets exchange recipes more often.

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