other options.

the media’s focus no polygamy goes in spurts… and since i work in tv, when one of those spurts occurs it turns into a big topic of discussion. not only am i a mormon, but i come from arizona where those polygamists are apparently running around (or hiding out) like crazy. mostly i like to watch whatever news outlets happen to be covering the issue to make sure they correctly identify the polygamists…

with the recent arrest of warren jeffs i turned up good morning america to listen to their entire coverage. they correctly referred to jeffs’ group as a splinter, fundamentalist group… but people, will still make comments about my wacky mormon church. i corrected them and said that the polygamists aren’t real mormons. my co-workers still teased me.

and that’s when i hatched my plan… i don’t know why i hadn’t thought of it before… polygamy could solve all of my problems. if i became a polygamist i’d have a husband just like that! (i’m sure that’d make my little sisters elated). i’d also have a hairdo and wardrobe that would NOT be compatible with the tv anchor lifestyle, but gosh, i’d live in arizona, have a husband, have tons of new best sister-wife-friends and about a gazillion kids i’d get to watch and cookfor. what more could a girl ask for?

jenelle quickly burst my bubble. she reminded me that i had no shot. she said i’d get passed over… seeing as i’m entirely too old to be of interest to any polygamist men. whew –


4 thoughts on “other options.

  1. >One is always welcome back in the fold. Uncle Bob is waiting to take you as his “special” 13th wife, even though you are past your prime. You must hurry before Rachel catches his eye.

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