do you labor?

one of many things to be sacrificed in the news business is 3-day weekends. i don’t even know what those are. i forget that those exist in the real world… i miss out on fun excursions to duck beach, rehobeth beach, virginia beach, bethany beach… pretty much any beach outing.

the nature of my schedule makes me covet my friend’s jobs… namely those in school and those who work for the blasted government (just so we’re clear – i love the gov’ment – i don’t loooove my friends who have every possible holiday, including boxing day and flag day off… well i love them, i just am not a fan of their employers).

so let’s remember the fact that the only 3-day weekends robin has enjoyed in the past four years were actually an “illegal one” in january of 2005 (thanks martin) – some friends and i ventured up to see the gates in nyc. we were supposed to head back on sunday so i could make my 1am shift… but instead i came down with a nasty “illness” and was able to be thoroughly confused by the bright orange fabric flying in central park… unfortunately i did not have some reawakening moment that day, but i did live like a normal person and enjoy a four day work week! i also took a “legal” 3 day weekend 3 years ago to backpack the appalachian trail [pronounced ap-uhlachuhn.] that labor day was literally filled with MUCH labor and rain like unto this past one.

rewind to last friday when i attempted to set up an interview for today (labor day) with a high school teacher regarding a program happening tomorrow (tuesday, the real first day of the week for people not in tv). here is what happened:

me: since i’m the morning reporter i work slightly crazy hours. i was hoping to set up an interview monday morning that we can run on our tuesday morning broadcast.
high school principal’s secretary: well that won’t work.
shocked me: oh, it won’t?
high school principal’s secretary: well no. no one will be here.
shocked me: no one? really?!
high school principal’s secretary: well… it is labor day.
embarrassed me:
high school principal’s secretary: did you still want to do an interview?
embarrassed me: oh, labor day! that day everyone gets off but us.

i rambled on about why i had made such a ditzy request… i don’t think she understood… no one ever does.



2 thoughts on “do you labor?

  1. >hey, we have the day off, but they turned off the water to our building so we aren’t doing a thing till we get showered! AAAGGGHHH!! You’re not missin’ much:)

  2. >if it makes you feel better, we did think of you lots while we were sitting at the beach and eating sonic . . . i’m sure it doesn’t, but hey – it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?!

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