anything is possible?

after years of working weird hours at the end of the work week i morph into a different person.

my friends like to refer to her as “friday night robin.”

this can either mean that my body gets confused by the time friday night rolls around and with a second wind kicking in i am extremely hyper… or it can mean that my body crashes and i am pretty much useless. either result is entertaining.

last friday i drove to NoVA to run several errands…. all in my old neighborhood. even though harrisonburg touts two super wal-marts… we sadly do not have origins, the papery or the container store. i wandered around the stores and then realized that it was 6pm and i hadn’t eaten since 11am. being the high class gal i am i swung by taco bell. the drive through voice sounded very much like apu. i asked for a second… then i told him i was ready to order. i asked for a number three. “crunchy or soft” apu asked. “would it be possible to get two crunchy and one soft?” i asked.

what apu said next made me smile for the rest of the night, “for you darling, anything is possible!”


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