i walk in the air between the rain through myself and back again, where?

i don’t know.

this week i haven’t been walking through rain… more like hail, ice and snow. none of which are on the top of my favorite list. and none of which were on the list to sell robin on seattle. in fact, i remember big promises that “seattle isn’t even that cold and has pretty mild winters.” well all of the tv station weather teams have gone into overdrive and i have comfortably watched it unfold from inside my new, warm apartment.

i’ve gone from living alone in the middle of farming country on the east coast to having another roommate–definitely a better kind of roommate–in rainy/icy seattle. i quit my job, moved home, got married and now i feel a little bit lost and confused at starting all over.

you combine so much when you begin… for us a major compilation involves all of our books and all of our artwork. one way or another italy will meet africa and the both will befriend latin america but we’re still waiting to see how it all plays out on our walls. even your grocery shopping will eventually morph into one shopping list but for now i joke we should buy our own things and write our initials on the milk jugs and cereal boxes.

months ago there seemed to be too many variables in making a “marriage” decision. i realize that those variables still exist but we get to confront them for the first time, together. i’m not so sure if this all means we are grown up. we attended our new church congregation and realized that at 28, most of the couples were younger than us and had 2-3 more children. my feeling of arriving at some sort of a milestone was born in university village’s barnes & noble. i searched the cook book section, intently trying to find a cover i recognized. i scanned the titles until i saw the red and white checkered cover of the better homes & gardens book. i was so excited to purchase it, and proudly added it to the slowly growing collection… somewhat completing that area of my grown-up life.


2 thoughts on “i walk in the air between the rain through myself and back again, where?

  1. >ah robin, how i’ve missed your blogs for the last little while. pleasantly nostalgic, thoughtful…the “merger” does eventually settle down, the “layoffs” are sometimes painful (especially if that particular item has been with the “company” for a long time).just remember how much you love your new roommate and to let him keep at least one hideous remnant of his past locked away in a closet somewhere. =]

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