waffle house rock.

i haven’t gotten to the point where i send out a christmas newsletter. maybe i will. but this year i actually starred in one!

well maybe that’s stretching the truth a teensy bit. my good friend liz sent out a great little letter updating us on her exciting life —

(note: this is not liz’s christmas newsletter, but all photo content will be taken from a few wild and crazy weekends in old time virginia.)

among the many weekend adventures she highlighted were trips to williamsburg — where a group of us enjoyed our colonial roots all in celebration of my birthday — and harrisonburg.
the harrisonburg weekend was unique… because, well, while i was actually living in small time h-burg a few of my friends decided they’d come down and visit to see what life in h-burg was all about. and did we ever.
the girls were a big hit at my co-worker’s karaoke birthday party at ham’s. we sang, we danced…  liz even found her future husband there… unfortunately he was from new york city and liz wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship… that and he didn’t have all of his teeth.
the next morning we strolled into one of the local eateries…. but not before everyone donned one of robin’s scarves.








anne was quick to document our lovely surroundings. and our crazy antics.

unfortunately she left out our waitress who was wearing electric blue eye shadow and had her hair carefully piled underneath a net… the five of us were crammed into a very small booth. our rowdiness was slightly infectious. one of the cooks surmised that we must be back in town for school. (h-burg is home to jmu, go dukes!) we all laughed, but none harder than liz — who took that as quite the compliment!

after that they got a grand tour of whsv and even tried out reporting.and then everyone danced around on the green screen for no particular reason.








and then just our luck, downtown harrisonburg (all half a football field of it) was having an antique car show.

in case you didn’t know, debby hearts turquoise.

and i heart novas.

our photo coverage ends here.
but we went on to eat ice cream at a staple in harrisonburg. then we hit up the dollar general to see who could buy the best thing for just a dollar. leslie found lime green ash trays. debby discovered those little capsules you drop in water and then they turn into sponge animals. robin paid $1 for a bible card game. and liz purchased possibly the very first ever sci-fi movie. it was in black and white but miraculously on dvd.

in all we had a great time in the h-burg. man, liz really left out some good details! maybe this is why i don’t write christmas newsletters.


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