the madness.

just this past friday was our three week anniversary… not that anyone else is keeping track– but i like to poke fun at how we’ve chosen to spend the past three fridays… all in a little town about 10 miles south of seattle called tukwila (pronounced just as hickish as it looks). if you say it with a thick accent — any accent — it actually is pretty funny.

tukwila has just about any restaurant you could want.* it also has stores like ikea, costco, target, bbb, barnes & noble, joann’s, pier one, sears, mervyns, a guitar store, a store called lover’s for you know what, game stores, best buy… and the list goes on and on. lest you think that you’d run out of things to do in tukwila, there is also a bowling alley and a very crappy, rinky-dink movie theater.**

our excursions to tukwila began back in december when we were trying to get a little bit organized before the wedding. we didn’t expect our trips to become a regular occurance. after one busy day of errands i was craving teryaki… following christian’s emphatic declaration that “tukwila has every restaurant” we drove until we came upon one “happy teryaki.” it was pouring rain (shocker) and we took our spicy teryaki bowls to eat in the parking lot of the shady movie theater. we scarfed down the delicious teryaki and ran inside to watch the pursuit of happyness.

the visits to tukwila continued… we usually ended up at costco eating slices of pizza and drinking cokes… very classy dates i know! after last saturday at costco, christian vowed to never return to a costco on a saturday ever again. unfortunately, yesterday, being a saturday, sucked us in to the black hole of tukwila.

this time instead of pizza at costco we ate at denny’s (see, tukwila has everything) and then, try as we might, we couldn’t shake the urge to go to costco. besides, they had a slow cooker recipe book i really really needed/wanted. while we fought our way through carts and people and massive supplies of everything, christian asked whose idea it was to brave saturday costco… finally he went to check out. i went to get a 60 cent coke… where there was yet another line. above the workers with hair nets and gloves there was a big wipe board. in green dry erase marker was written — this department has gone [fill in the blank] days without injury! big red numbers shouted 92 days! while i should have applauded the department’s accomplishment, i started to imagine all the ways costco workers get injured making churros and pizzas…

working our way through a very packed parking lot we left the madness behind us… at least until next weekend!

*including a sad excuse for a souper salad or sweet tomatoes named zoopas.
**our very first visit to said movie theater was to watch a christmas chick flick. it was the same weekend that basically all the power went out in seattle following a massive wind storm… since we lost power we did what every other person in the metro area did… went to shopping malls and movie theaters! the movie cut out three different times and we scored free tickets.



2 thoughts on “the madness.

  1. >you know, some of us would kill (and i mean literally tear flesh from bone) (well, something like that) to be able to pop on over to the local costco for pizza and 65 cent sodies. as it is, the nearest costco for us in kansas city, i believe, only about 2 hours away.there is a sam’s club in topeka, about 45 mins away, but we don’t have a membership (our costco membership was a renewable wedding present from my mother-in-law’s business–one of the best wedding presents we got!), so that does us little good.however, we’re almost out of toilet paper, paper towels, and kitchen garbage bags–all things that i just refuse to buy in anything less than bulk, so who knows what will happen after the next paycheck =]

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