trash talking.

i just got off the phone with my little brother.
he recently returned from the mexican jungle where he ate reptiles and wielded a machete, built cement houses…
oh, he also talked about jesucristo a lot too.
anyways, l-dawg is a die-hard phoenix suns fan, as well as an arizona diamondbacks fan. when he was little he said he would be a big time baseball player and be a chef in his own restaurant. (i’ll have to ask him how that plan is coming along.)
before i could even say hi, leiland was eager to fill me in on how the suns were doing. i was surprised when he said, “hey the suns are kicking the wizards’ butt!” i assured him that i always had been and was still a suns fan. he didn’t seem to believe that i was true orange & purple. again he was almost giddy telling me that the suns were on a 13 game winning streak. i told him i knew that (much to christian’s shock… although i choose to know very little about his blessed football, i do know who danny ainge is and i do follow the suns).
he said again how the wizards were getting whooped.
i reminded leiland that i was never a wiz fan (although if they were still the bullets i may have reconsidered my allegience).
he said, “but you live in washington!”

[dramatic pause here before my laughing errupts]

“leiland, the wizards are from washington DC!!!”

a not so cocky voice responded through the phone, “oh. then who is the seattle team??

that would be the sonics.


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