no phone, no phone.

before being married i had this funny idea about married people. and it revolved around the phone.

i thought that you could only call them during certain times and those certain times were vague.

it’s not like it was just after a specific time at night or not too early in the morning… the rule was basically… try not to call newly married people… at all.

one of my very first friends to get married was my cousin becky… almost 10 years ago. her wedding was the august of my sophomore year of college. she likes to remind me that i was such a weirdo that i didn’t call her that entire fall semester.

as more and more of my friends got married… the ambiguous “no call” rule wore off.

now that i’m on the other end of the phone, it shocks me how little (or not at all) that it rings. maybe it is just more evident since i am in a far away city without my friends or family and without a job… friends keep saying that they didn’t want to bother me... the funny thing is, on the married person end of things… not that much has changed. except for the fact that our phones don’t ring.


5 thoughts on “no phone, no phone.

  1. >so true! when we were first married, back off our honeymoon and back in utah, we were so excited to see our friends and hang out with people and go on double dates…until all our friends decided we didn’t we got new friends.hahaha! and i guess we still try and keep in touch with our former friends as well. =]hey, send me an email with your phone number and i’ll make sure michelle makes it ring.

  2. >Being a ‘still single’ friend, I’d have to admit that you do kind of hesitate to call newly married friends. I even hesitate a little bit last night before I called you. Not sure why. Maybe we all just think that you guys have better things to do . . .

  3. >Oh my, it’s so true! Just wait until the no phone calls turn into no going-out invites. Or just a lot fewer of them, anyway.Good thing you married a good friend!

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