when you sleep where do your fingers go?

it’s hard enough getting used to sharing a bed with someone without adding in the quirkiness of being married to a sleep walker.

i’m not sure i entirely knew what i was getting myself into… a few times he has shaken me awake and demanded to know what i wanted. disoriented i tell him firmly he’s the one who woke me up and i go back to sleep.

the other night i was jolted awake to his nightstand lamp being flicked on. i waited for him to say something. he didn’t. i sat up and looked at a completely sound sleeper. i should have reached over him to turn off the lamp but i was too tired. about an hour later i woke up, nudged him, and asked him to please turn off the light. he looked bewildered and asked, almost with annoyance why the light was on.

so this morning i shouldn’t have been surprised when i woke up to find all of my purses (that are usually hanging up) laying across my feet on the bed… along with the bright orange shirt christian had gone to bed wearing…

i should have known he would have absolutely no recollection of why he needed all of my purses so badly in the middle of the night.


4 thoughts on “when you sleep where do your fingers go?

  1. >and from my point of view, the most amusing thing is the fact that you said that “all your purses,” like you have a lot of them.that, to me, is just hilarious. something i will never understand. =]

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