perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

in honor of my first impending valentines with an actual valentine (all those years of sending christian bale and ricky martin mental love notes didn’t really pay off) i would just like to take a minute to introduce you to my new love(s):

bento – this is seriously amazing! sticky rice in minutes on the quick rice setting!!!
little guy – i just discovered that he cuts my chicken shredding time in half! (during those enchilada sweat shops)
the crock pot – amazing… although i fear that my family will be scarred of always having dinner made in a pot.
and sequim has proved to be so well mannered… especially when i take him from runs (not walks) in seattle. although he doesn’t care much for all the hills. right now he really likes to listen to cake.
and of course there is also cracker and the new super mario brothers… but my true love is much better at beating the goombas than i am!


2 thoughts on “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

  1. >please forward all worthy crock pot recipes to yours truly. Getting out of church at 6 pm makes dinner-time a little tricky. PS. You must have taken that picture right when Christian beat the new Super Mario Bros – He looks pretty pleased with himself. 🙂

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