39 pennies.

quirks.we all have them. some people definitely have more than others.

i have slowly but surely been getting aquainted with christian’s. he will maticulously double check any change we get back in search of certain quarters his collection lacks. every sunday he cuts out coupons, which isn’t unfamiliar territory for me… my dad is the king of coupon shopping and he would even tell us what the final price of his full shopping cart would be. but christian feels a need to buy things, even if we don’t need them right this second, because he can’t pass up a good deal. that explains why our fridge is stocked at all times with a two weeks supply of yogurt and why at the moment we have 14 cereal boxes. a new quirk i stumbled upon came just this week…

somehow earlier this week we had a conversation about pennies. he told me that sometimes, when he needs just one stamp, he’ll take 39 pennies to the post office. that’s because the machine at the post office takes pennies and what better way to get rid of all of those pennies.

fast forward to last night. we had a birthday card, thank you note, wedding card and *payment for an ebay purchase. the first three were sufficiently addressed and stamped… the last one needed a stamp. one lone stamp. we pulled up to the post office, i grabbed the envelopes. christian reminded me that we needed a stamp. then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a pile of clanking pennies. i tried to refuse, but i was sitting in the passenger seat so i accepted my fate.

inside the shady post office with 20 minutes to close i began inserting the pennies. a little sign on the machine states “insert coins slowly.” so there i was, with a line of customers, a bum and a few hoodlums staring at me as the pennies went chink… chink… chink.

the kicker – i had stamps at home.

* apparently the seller didn’t have pay pal and christian had to send his payment via usps. what was he purchasing? his childhood sesame street lunch box…


3 thoughts on “39 pennies.

  1. >Awesome idea…too bad I use all those pennies to buy random trips for the kids at the dollar store. (Or diapers, you should’ve seen the look on people’s faces when I tried to pay for $11 worth of diapers at Wal-Mart with pocket change I stole from the kids penny banks.It was a bad month!)

  2. >i knew i knew you! awesome! i put a response on my blog but wanted to just say real good to be connected again and happy congratulations on the marriage! i’ll be in seattle end of march and would love to say hello/see you! do you know cindy ferguson? it’ll be her bday at that time, too, so maybe a crossing of paths could happen with all of us?

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