2 + 2.

one thing i always said was that i needed a husband who could figure out the tip since i don’t do math.

i have since figured out to do the tip on my own… but i still don’t really do math.

in third grade i was put in the “slow” math group. for lack of a better meeting place we met in the utility closet. that doesn’t help much with your multiplication tables! the three of us sat in the closet and ever since math kind of scared me. however i did take calculus and math theory in high school. in college i got off easily enough with only a stat class (which i hated).

so earlier today, there i was sitting in a freezing metal folding chair in the back stock room of trader joes. i got to the third page of the application and realized that it was a math test. there was even a word problem about stocking shelves with jam. a math test without a calculator. without scratch paper.

i was back in third grade counting on my fingers under the table.


7 thoughts on “2 + 2.

  1. >they give you a math test at trader joe’s?!?!? that is unexpected. Urban Outfitters made me take an honesty test once, and I think I failed it the first time.

  2. >In this new enlightened age of education, they not only allow, but encourage the children to count with their fingers. I don’t agree with all of the education changes, but I am happy that a new generation of children will not feel guilty every time they add 8+5 on their fingers (which I still do to check if it really is 13). Becky

  3. >both of those job experiences=ha! what if you had to be honest about math?did you finish the application?and–the utility closet? man oh man–what was your teacher like? that’s equally hilarious and creepy.

  4. >I hear ya! What gives with the math test in an application?? I’m so sad I missed your open house. I wanted to go so bad and meet the MR. Noah was throwing up and Josh needed my help with him. Bummer.

  5. >By the way… your apartment looks great and the quirks are too funny. I would love to come visit you some day. remember my friend Jami from Michigan? She lives in Seattle too.If you want a good missionary opp…

  6. >Hey Robin – I found your blog through my cousin Kate Hare’s blog… Anyway, I knew Christian at BYU! Please say hello for me! I’m glad to hear that he’s married to who looks to be a fabulous gal. Plus – anyone who’s friends with Kate is by definition “tot fab”. My old roomie Reagan clued me in to the fact that Kate had a link to your blog, so a big hello to Christian from Reagan and me. ~Marci Romneybostonroms.blogspot.com

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