these are a few of my favorite things…

things I like right now… and before you think i am a pr rep for, please just understand that i really wanted you to see what i like!

  • my new kitchenaid! anyone who knows me knows that i don’t really pay attention to official names of things as much as i do to colors. as in if someone were to ask what kind of dog my family has, i’d say “a yellow one.” or what kind of car i have “a maroon one.” therefore, the color of the kitchenaid is what i really, really like!!!

  • kevin bacon… i mean he has the dance moves. and recently i discovered a commercial (which christian informed me is “like three years old” but i haven’t watched espn until recently so i think the hanes commercial with michael jordan may only play on espn!)
  • speaking of dancing… gap’s new “boyfriend pant” commercial is awesome. who doesn’t love claire danes dancing to annie get your gun’s anything you can do i can do better?
  • one of my favorite things on our dvr is the oc finale that is on there saved… without fail almost once a week christian asks, “we’ve already watched this, i can delete this right?” with a smirky face. NO WE ARE NOT DELETING THE END OF A WONDERFUL THING!!!! i miss you cohens and coopers and atwoods!
  • i also really like the new robin hood from bbc america… i discovered it the night of my brother’s reception in arizona… and now i’m addicted! the dvds are available if you don’t get bbc america… and let me just say, it is a little brit different!
  • this next one, is also thanks to espn. who knew they’d have such funny commercials? well, they are also advertising like crazy for nascar and that’s not so funny…. but really, in honor of st. patrick’s day… i like like like, the guinness guys!!! this actually isn’t the best clip… the best one is where they say, “remember when we learned too much of anything is a bad thing??” and then they proceed to do hilarious things like put on tons of bling, trip over really long beards, etc. maybe you just need to watch espn.
  • and in true honor of the aforementioned holiday… i would like to urge all of you to please check out darby o’gill and the little people. my siblings and i used to watch this all the time on vhs in black and white. it is one of sean connery’s finer works!


2 thoughts on “these are a few of my favorite things…

  1. >Your kitchen aid mixer is off the hook, dawg!! I have never seen one that color. Perfect. I’m starting to get the feeling that Christian likes sports with all of this ESPN talk. Josh and him would get along well.

  2. >I love the GAP boyfriend pant commercial!! Good choice 🙂 And, I definitely dig the KitchenAid … its so you. Now you can be happy every time you walk into your kitchen just because of a little (though expensive) applicance! Ahhh…

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