brown rice.

i grew up eating japanese rice. no minute rice. no uncle ben’s… just sticky, delicious, japanese white rice. but overall i just really love rice; coconut sticky rice, thai pineapple rice, garlicky brasilian rice, spanish rice, jasmine rice, mexican rice, rice in soup, rice in sushis … if it came down to a showdown with rice and pasta… i’d definitely pick rice (christian says he still loves me).

today’s propaganda/advertising tells me that i should say no to anything white… so i decided to branch out and try brown rice. cook the brown rice i did in my snazzy rice cooker… i got everything else ready so that it would finish around 9pm when christian got home… well he came home and the rice cooker hadn’t even started steaming (which i suspected to be very suspicious). we waited a little bit longer… but were just too hungry. i couldn’t understand… the rice cooker was warm, it had been cooking for about 45 minutes… and nothing… i found the snazzy rice cooker manual and found brown rice. cook time = 120 minutes…. now who in the world knew that!?!??! well i obviously didn’t. we had time to cook pasta for the sauce i made… eat it… clean it up… watch lost… and then, 120+minutes later we had brown rice!

**lest you think this is a regular occurrence, it was more of a “make up dinner”… two nights ago i told christian i’d have dinner all ready when he got home from class (i thought at 9pm) but i can’t seem to keep his schedule straight (even though he has posted a calendar right on the fridge) so when he walked in at 7ish i was shocked… needless to say i did not have any kind of dinner whatsoever ready… i was actually eating a salad, watching a movie, still in my running clothes thinking about how much time i had before he came home…

4 thoughts on “brown rice.

  1. >Robin, it’s no wonder we’re friends. I LOVE rice! It is, hands down, my all-time favorite food. I completely agree with the whole post. Will wants me to cook more brown rice (we inherited 20lbs. of food storage brown rice), but that dang cooking time is really a turn off. Our solution? We bought a pressure cooker (maybe you used one on your mission?). We now have brown rice in under 15 minutes.

  2. >Actually, when you have a professional rice cooker like I do, almost any rice tastes good–even DI rice. (my rice cooker has a setting for white AND brown rice AND steamed things) When you come home again, I’ll show you how to make “secret” rice.Dad

  3. >ME TOO … my dad served his mission in Japan, so the ONLY thing we were allowed to eat was sticky white rice in the rice cooker. I think the same thing about brown rice. It is good for you but I can’t figure out a way to make it in my rice cooker so that it tastes ‘normal’ and doesn’t take two years to cook. Let me know if you figure out the trick!!

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