it’s official.

after visits to three different establishments… my little car–which celebrated its third birthday this month and braved a cross country trip, actually making it to seattle in one piece–was stripped of its commonwealth identity.

it now belongs to the other washington.

i cried a little bit yesterday and i’m not even sure why.



5 thoughts on “it’s official.

  1. >It was big day for you. I completely understand the tears. I felt the same way when Utah replaced/took my California driver’s license. They cut it up right in front of me! Love to you.

  2. >yeah, i have the feeling that i’m going to cry when we get our new plates too, but that’s mostly because i’ve heard that they tax cars as property here in kansas, which means a really hefty bill along with the new plates. yippee, says rik, full of enthusiasm.

  3. >i was first heartbroken when virginia took my never-expiring arizona drivers license!!! maybe the washington will grow on me… christian said he didn’t recognize my car yesterday since it wasn’t a virginian.

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