i can’t say i’ve ever had a job before that took you to lunch at a casino, paid for your admission to a tulip festival and then gave you an hour and a half shopping frenzy at an outlet mall…. apparently there are firsts for everything! our boss even braved a bus full of 17 women… i had suggested we go see the matinee of “in the land of women” instead!


the lunch buffet was almost as good as a real las vegas casino… where else can you fill your pate with salmon, hot wings, roasted potatoes, salad, wild rice and an onion ring!? the one downfall to the meal was when i told the waitress, who already looked sufficiently harried before assisting our table, i wanted a coke with lime. we were all able to fill and almost finish our plates before she showed up with my coke. everyone else had their cokes with rum and bud lights…. in her hand she finally was bringing my coke, she stopped mid-hand off and said, “oh, i have to go to the bar to get the lime” i stared dumbfounded as she walked away and one of my co-workers was assertive enough to tell her that i was thirsty and i could have the coke now. about 15 minutes later she showed up with three lime wedges on a toothpick she somewhat manhandled between her fingers… that pretty much grossed out all the other ladies!

i had been so excited to go to the tulip festival… a few sundays ago i asked christian if we could go and he was so disappointed since he’d been planning to surprise me. but we both were surprised when i got to go there on a work field trip. it was about an 1 1/2 bus ride, and as we pulled in i couldn’t believe all the colors. i made sure to document the trip for my cousin, who was the creator of my wedding bouquet… i saw styles and colors i didn’t even know existed! it was really amazing. i wanted to walk through fields for a little bit longer…but the next stop on our work fieldtrip: the outlet mall. lucky for me the bus let us off right by the puma and adidas stores. let me explain a few things… i love pumas and adidas. i have longed for my own pairs, but i was never willing to shell over the real price for the kicks. enter christian with his pumas and adidas’ a bounty… i definitely coveted his collection… although size 11s don’t work too well on size 6.5 feet!

i was on a mission to finally buy myself some shoes. and buy them i did! i even got a pair of pumas for christian for just $25 and some adidas soccer cleats for $15. it was a little embarrasing getting back onto the bus with five boxes of shoes! but the women were eager to show off their goods, baby outfits for grandbabies and nieces, linen pants, sunglasses, a blazer, jewelry. boss man even bought a few shirts himself. all in all it was an extremely productive day. but i think we need to take a trip back to the outlets since i never even made it past the puma and adidas stores!


9 thoughts on “fieldtrip.

  1. >Robs, I’m way behind. what is your job out there in WA? I love your shoe choices, good for you! You gotta catch up to Christian’s collection:)

  2. >another hard day at work, i see.we just went to our town’s tulip festival on saturday! doesn’t quite look like what you had–ours seemed more an excuse for a fair than an actual celebration of tulips, especially since the recent frost killed just about all of them. oh well.and yeah, outlet malls are dangerous places…very dangerous.

  3. >I am looking forward to more pictures! I am so jealous since going to a tulip farm is my dream vacation. Right now I just order all the free bulb catalogs I can possibly find and enjoy the flowers that way.

  4. >I’m jealous, though we’re going on a work fieldtrip (For Administrative Professionals Day) on Friday. We’re hitting up Richmond and going to Short Pump! Not quite the Outlet Malls, but we get to eat at Cheesecake Factory and get manicures and pedicures! Wohoo! And thanks for backing me up on the worlds most hideous t-shirt owned by Ben!

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