dear sheryl crow,

we go way back… i’m talking like 1993 homecoming dance when i went with a big group of friends and we danced and danced while you sang about having fun. but fun isn’t really what i wanted to talk about.


while i understand your desire to help save the ozone–no one wants to be responsible for the big hole growing up there, that’s why i gave up aerosol hairspray in the early 90s. it was the thing to do then, for the ozone of course. but pump hairspray just didn’t cut it when trying to secure my oh, so in style claw bangs–but toilet paper squares? seriously? since it makes you happy to use your celebrity power to bring global warming-stopping ideas to the public… i would like to suggest some more appropriate things to focus on, than squares of toilet paper:
  • every day my mailbox is full of unwanted catalogue after catalogue… most of them are for companies or services i have never heard of nor am i interested in utilizing. we’ve been trying to cancel all of the catalogues… how can we get rid of all this unwanted and wasteful paper production?

  • speaking of papers, all the coupon books inside? or the coupons and mailers that get taped to your car, door, mailbox… the majority of those just add to our trash piles!

  • recycle bins & programs… not all cities have them nor do they require them. since living in seattle i realize just how much i use that can be recycled. our apartment building has one recycle bin for 18 apartments to share. recycle pick up is only every other week and within the first 3 days the bin is completely overflowing… maybe a campaign to get sufficient recycling up and running is more of the ticket!

these are just a few things i’ve noticed. i am curious though… would the one square of toilet paper carry over to just one wipe per dirty baby diaper? because we don’t need to be mothers to know how unsanitary that would be! maybe you should partner up with officials in new zealand on their earth friendly plan


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