lizard babies & man nannies.

my growing up years were really shaped by a pivotal time in television history… v: the miniseries. i can remember exactly where i was in our oleander house, watching the tense moments of the show, which for my five year old mind was every single second! one scene in particular was quite possibly one of the scariest things i had ever witnessed. one of the human girls (who happens to be named robin and happens to be slightly promiscuous) gets impregnated by one of the “visitors.” the baby is born and it is a beautiful little baby girl WITH A LIZARD TONGUE!!!! and then a twin emerges and is 100% lizard.

that scene has always been stored in the back of my memory. i mentioned it to christian an
d to my amazement he had not personally witnessed the masterpiece that is v. luckily for us, netflix had the dvd. we settled down to watch it and instantly all of the characters and plots flooded back! christian kept asking about scene that gave me the willies and kept telling him it hadn’t happened yet. but then when it did happen, he reacted with laughter. and i have to admit, the effects were extremely crude for our “lotr/matrix/pirates” trained eyes. the lizard twin baby is so obviously a robotic type puppet… not scary at all! but that human baby with an equally as fake lizard tongue still pretty freaky!!

if you haven’t experience v i would really suggest checking it out as soon as possible! or you can refer
here or here for more details. the funniest thing to me watching v 23 laters was that the entire plot has very apparent nazi/holocaust undertones and as a five year old i didn’t even know what was going on except that a girl named robin just had a lizard baby!!!!

since we were on a 1984 kick with netflix, and because i kept singing the
charles in charge theme song… that’s what came next in the mail. shocker of all shockers, christian hadn’t seen that either! his only reference to scott baio was on arrested development. after watching several highly entertaining episodes i realized his entire job was bogus. either that or the parents really didn’t like being parents all that much! but i wouldn’t mind charles being in charge of my wrongs and my rights!


2 thoughts on “lizard babies & man nannies.

  1. >Okay, now I HAVE to subscribe to netflix. You can rent ‘Charles in Charge’?!? Chris missed out on that fun, too. Love the lizard baby story…oh the things we remember.

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