house elves…

i have to admit that my first encounter with harry potter was anything but ordinary. i had been serving as a missionary for my church in the middle of brazil for about 15 months. as a missionary you have limited contact with your family and you abstain from tv watching, newspaper reading, hanging out with friends, dating etc… your focus is on missionary work and giving service. understandably your sense of pop culture, fashion and entertainment news doesn’t quite stay up to date.

with about three months left in brazil i was responsible for a brand new missionary, sister (pronounced: see-sterh) jocelyn sparks. she helped me prepare to return to real life… one day she was talking about harry potter. on and on she went. i had never heard of harry potter. i didn’t even know who he was. she thankfully explained that he was a wizard in a new childrens fiction series.

although that explanation is dead on, you have to consider being in my position. you’ve been in a foreign country for almost a year and a half. you are then paired up with someone who brings you information about how home is… and this declaration has to do with a wizard in a little kids’ book. i was less than impressed… that is, until i got back up to school. my cousin becky has been known to horde piles of childrens books. she convinced me that the harry potter books were worth reading and let me borrow the first three.


i sped through them and loved every second of it! it was all i could do to wait for the next ones to be released. i saw the first movie on opening night at midnight somewhere in draper… and i am still just as anxious for the final installment this summer.

one of the j.k. rowling characters i thought i could really benefit from having was dobby the house elf. i started thinking about how handy a house elf would be. especially to pick up after me, wash the dishes, the clothes, do the grocery shopping, clean the toilet, vaccum, sweep, take out the trash… and then i realized, who needs a house elf when you have a househusband?!!??


house•hus•band pronunciation: (hous’huz”bund), —n. a man who is married to a working wife and who stays home to manage their household.


6 thoughts on “house elves…

  1. >I have a househusband, but he doesn’t seem to do all the necessary chores. I’m wondering, do you have to ask them to do it, or is it automatic?

  2. >Quick! Someone help! The rumor is that househusbands can be freed if someone gives them a piece of clothing. How about a Swatch?Househusband Christian

  3. >I actually prefer Housechildrens. While a little more difficult to deal with, you usually don’t share a room let alone a bed with them.

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