for the majority of the time growing up we were a family of 7 crammed into one bathroom. that’s not to say that we lived in our bathroom… but when you consider getting ready for school and church and other activities a large part of what needs to get done is bathroom oriented. at any given time we could smash at least five of us in there, 2 in the tub, 1 on the toilet, 1 at the sink and one towering over the other using the mirror… it was quite the adventure.

in those circumstances you learned to adapt to anything. there wasn’t time for luxurious bathing or grooming. if you happened to exceed your shower limit a flicker of the lights served as a warning. a bang on the wall was more severe. my brothers didn’t always adhere to the “light flicker” or “wall bang.” they seemed to fall into a deep sleep while showering. the warm water steamed up the mirror, making it nearly impossible for the girls to get anything done.

there was the rare scare tactic we resorted to. it was a kind of shock therapy. when the showerer ignored our warnings we’d sneak to the kitchen and return to the bathroom with a plastic tumbler almost filled to overflowing… always with chilled water. silently we’d enter the bathroom and climb on top of the toilet or the edge of the tub to pour the ice cold water on the shower offender. the water trick yielded the desired outcome, along with a high-pitched scream.

a few days ago i decided to re-enact that moment. christian hadn’t been taking too long in the shower, i was just feeling extremely mischievous. as i made my way into the steamy bathroom i realized that i wouldn’t be able to use the toilet to stand on since the sink was next to the tub. i stood on my tippy-toes and started to pour the water. i could barely reach over the shower curtain. there was no high-pitched scream. just a, “HEY!” and before i knew it, my plan had back fired. he grabbed the cup right out of my hand and poured the remainder right on top of me and the entire bathroom. i might have to rethink my bathroom attacks.


6 thoughts on “foiled

  1. >I am falling off my chair from laughter! Know what? Last Wednesday I did that to Staten, after her abused the toilet flusher too many times during my shower. (What charm these old apartments have in plumbing….)

  2. >HILARIOUS! You are such a prankster. Sorry you did not achieve your desired outcome. Thanks for the idea anyway, hopefully I will be more successful.

  3. >I think our shower curtain is a little too opaque to pull off that prank. But a good idea anyway. I know Ben will read this later, so I probably won’t try this prank on him… or will I?

  4. >You have SUCH a good way of telling a story. I tried that on just right when we were first married, but I threw some kool aid powder on him. It was pretty hilarious, but I WAS dragged into the shower with him, clothes and all!:)

  5. >This all started eons ago, in John Hall at BYU. We filled small paper bags, expeditiously, with cold, cold water, and then proceeded to baptize those unfortunate souls in the shower which accommodated four victims. No one escaped.

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