bad hair day.

i was spoiled in dc to meet two girls while they were in beauty school. i became their guinea pig for short hair cutting and that meant free hair cuts for me! as they progressively got better i paid them more but it was never a crazy amount of money and they always did a fantastic job. now i’m in seattle and i’m truly missing meredith and jenn! but through the mormon grapevine i found out about rebecca who lives just north of seattle and has a hair studio in her home. about three months ago i paid her a visit. she did a great job and i was thrilled to find a competent stylist that didn’t charge upwards of $70. after that haircut she gave me her business card and wrote her email address on the back.

last night i dug out that card and sent her an email. i gave her several nights that would work for me and for christian (keep your fingers crossed that he can get out of the haircut rut he has fallen into since december). then, this morning, a message from rebecca was waiting for me in my inbox:

“Wrong person. Sorry. I cut dog hair not people.”


2 thoughts on “bad hair day.

  1. >ha ahha ahha ha! His hair is getting long, isn’t it? Perhaps you should take him to Sports Clips– a baseball themed hair cutting establishment that likes to pretend it’s a dugout for a major league team. as for you, I think YOU should try my “nit picker” stylist, Charlie. She was $50, and you felt like you were in NYC. Pretty cheap for a hour long trip.

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