i can be anything!

take a look, it’s in a book — reading rainbow!

oh how i loved levar burton. i always made sure to watch all of reading rainbow and to find out exactly what books he suggested. apparently it’s still airing new shows but reading rainbow pretty much died for me when levar decided to wear those weird glasses on that other show.

last week i was enjoying the perks of not working in television news. namely, working during daylight hours, having the boss take you to lunch and helping the boss decide on a 10th anniversary gift for his wife at the jeweler. after that stress-less afternoon my co-worker mentioned she needed to stop by barnes & noble. boss man obliged.

he has long teased me for how many books i own. he has never seen them, only heard about them. so he started asking me what i was reading. i revealed just how book-nerdy i was when i explained that i actually had two library cards. you see, the montlake branch of the seattle public library is right by our house… so naturally i have a card there. and seattle is located in king county, so when i went to the bellevue branch right by my office to pick up “is bill cosby right” i was confused when my library card was denied. apparently seattle and outer lying king county like to practice segregation of libraries. so now i am the proud owner of two library cards.

back to boss man. i tell him that the book i had wanted to read first was “enough” but that book wasn’t available at the library. he begins to scour b&n searching for my book. he finds out the paper back comes out next month. i’ll wait, i say. besides, that’s a book i want to borrow, not necessarily buy! my co-worker bought a biography on albert einstein, which i really wanted to read after hearing an interview with the author on npr. then i remembered this other book about ghengis kahn which my mom keeps telling me to read. boss man finds what we think might be the book. i don’t know if that’s the right one, i say. he says, “602…” and waits for the rest of my family’s phone number. the call doesn’t go through, which is just as well since i didn’t even have my wallet. i hide the book and my co-worker and i search for boss man.

he appears at the front of the store and goes on and on about how he doesn’t understand what a b&n card is and is it like a library card? he was really pulling our leg (legs?). before he left work that day he handed me what he called his “library card” which he had no use for apparently.

what exactly does a b&n gift card from boss man get you:
mufaro’s beautiful daughters
where the wild things are
mouse cookies and more
one hundred selected poems of ee cummings
big dog little dog
richard scarry’s please and thank you book
vintage hughes
little critter: grandma, grandpa and me
little critter: just go to bed
berenstain bears no girls allowed
berenstain bears new baby
berenstain bears and too much tv


2 thoughts on “i can be anything!

  1. >How much did he put on the card? Yikes alive! I love the Berenstain Bears! Brother Bear! Sister Bear! Good Bosses are sometimes better than good pay. The ticket is finding both. My boss gave me a vintage bike and is restoring it? That’s cool–right?over and out, J

  2. >It’s “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World” by Jack Weatherford. More than an anthropological read, this is a truly fascinating work of brilliant research about the building of an empire and the visionary gift of the empire-builder.

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