everyone’s doing it.

the random list:

1. i used to dance in bars. on the tables even. i wore diapers. i was a bald baby constantly mistaken for a boy. thank goodness the music was good (my dad was playing)!

2. i broke my middle finger at a swimming pool. it was just a hairline fracture. i thought i was dying. my mom told me to stop being a wimp. i distinctly remember being in the pool and feeling like my finger was floating away from my hand. the next day my 3rd grade teacher sent me to the nurse with a bad case of a blackish-blue swollen hand. thankfully child protective services weren’t called (wink, wink). my dad bought me an orange juice and doughnut after the doctor popped my finger back into place.

3. i was blessed by a catholic priest on the way to mexico city. at least i think that’s what he was doing… my spanish was better a few months later.

4. i was flashed by three grown brazilian men (not all at the same time.) one of them decided to chase my good friend jenna and i down a street. we ran like we never have before in skirts. two others decided to pee in our presence.

5. i was proposed to twice in mozambique and one would-be-suitor kissed my cheek/lips. i turned before he could get me smack, sraight on my lips. unfortunately my portuguese fluency wasn’t equipped to deal with “heartbreaking.”

6. i lived by an active volcano in nealtican, puebla, mexico. while giving my family a thanksgiving dinner in november 1998, the volcano erupted, spewing neon orange lava in the air. a loud boom was heard and the windows of our house shook (granted they weren’t the best windows in town).

7. i was named after a rock and roll song by mountain. you may have only heard their “mississippi queen” but i was named after the song “nantucket sleighride.” the guy is a whale hunter leaving his girlfriend robin marie behind. i can burn you a copy! also in the name genre… when my brother james and i were little, he was a rolly polly baby and we were known as fatman & robin.

8. when i was a baby i was easily pleased (still am). when my parents got fast food they’d get an extra straw. i slurped on that for hours, never once complaining there was only air on the other end. i’m slightly more high maintenance now… i’d prefer a milkshake or a lime coke on the other end!

9. while visiting peru last summer (laura & eric can vouch for this) i was attacked by several street children. it was a very bizarre situation that i am still trying to forget. unlike most street children, it wasn’t my money they wanted… for some reason they were well trained in the art of attacking the skin directly behind my knees… they gave a mad tickle and i was rendered useless on the street corner. luckily my friends yelled at them in english and they ceased and desisted. still not sure what they were trying to accomplish.

10. when i was visiting my family i once returned a blockbuster movie to hollywood video. it caused quite a commotion. luckily i now only frequent netflix… how can you go wrong if you are mailing it directly to them!? just think of all the damage i can do now with two library cards!??!


One thought on “everyone’s doing it.

  1. >okay, pee my pants laughing, your random facts ROCK!!! yep, I miss you too. it sucks that we had so much fun setting up for various activities, and now it is over. BUT maybe now we will have to actually do something really exciting together!!!

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